With the ten million denim brands out there, it gets pretty confusing. Every season, there are a few brands that stand out. Here are this season's:

Acne -Worn and made famous by the queen of sknny jeans, Kate Moss. Most of the Acne jeans are pretty high-waisted, so it's really for the skinny girls.

Earnest Sewn -Very popular this season. US Vogue did an interview with the people behind Earnest Sewn in its Sept 06 issue. I bought their striaght-leg jeans (left) when I went to New York in the summer, and have been loving them. They're very soft and comfortable. The only thing I have to complain about is that the material is very elastic, so after wearing them a few times, they've gotten a bit loose, which is not good at all.

J Brand -Another very popular brand in the States. Hmm, I haven't actually had much contact with the J Brand jeans so I can't comment much. But do check them out when you shop next time.

Superfine -Another brand which was brought famous by Kate Moss. Superfine is a London brand (sold internationally) and is/ was an absolute favourite of celebs. Superfine's website has a bunch of photos of celebs wearing their jeans -everyone from Sienna Miller to Gwenyth to Ashley Olsen.

Top Shop -Personally I've never bought Top Shop jeans before, but a friend recently got a pair of dark blue skinny jeans there and they look casually fantastic on her. And they only cost 40 pounds, which is much more affordable than the other brands mentioned here.

As a final note, remember if you're not one for skinny, or even straight-leg jeans, then stick to our loveable, classic flared jeans, like Sevens, Citizens and True Religions. If your body type is not right for them, then do NOT feel the need to force yourself into skinny jeans!