Men love neckties as a fashion accessory, and a way to show their style. To keep your tie in good shape, follow these instructions on cleaning, ironing, storing, and care.

Men's ties can be dirty after using for a while. Do not wash those ties by hand with water or laundry with washing machines. The normal way is to send your neckties to a dry cleaner. The professional cleaners can help clean your neckties. Or you neckties could shrink with a fading color and look rumpled. If not that dirty, you also can help yourself. Two ways work for your necktie cleaning. One is wet cleaning and the other is dry cleaning. The wet cleaning is to put neckties on a flat board or table and brush with soft brushed dipping with a little diluted detergent. Rub away the foam with a dry towel and then scrub with clean wet towels. Dry clean is to brush with soft brushes dipping with gasoline. The brushing pass should follow the woven patterns. After the gas evaporates, gently brush several times with clean wet towels. If only light stain, the evaporated oil is a good choice for the stained spots. If a whole necktie is necessary to be cleaned, you can still wash it for yourself. First, make a diluted solution with 20cc evaporated oil and 1cc kitchen neutral detergent. Put that solution into a bottle with a big opening. Shake and make it even. Put the rolled neckties into the bottle and cover the bottle with a lid. Shake it around 10 minutes and set aside for 10 minutes. Repeat the above procedure once. The stained spots can be brushed gently with a tooth brush in that solution.

Before pressing, put rolled paper rods into both inner side edges and it avoids permanent creases for the edges. Put a towel on the neckties during the pressing. Set the appropriate temperature based on your necktie materials and iron from the center to around. Silk ties are so delicate to the heat so that faster pressing move is recommended.

When a necktie will be stored for a short time, roll them loosely and store. If you are looking to store for longer term, put them in a plastic bag and hang them up. They may also be stored in a tie box, but proper ventilation can be an issue for ties that are silk.

The daily necktie care is necessary for a long lasting tie and the following tips are great for your necktie care. After tying, you should untie the necktie knot and flatten both large end and small end of the tie. Avoid drag neckties too much. Or the fiber could be broken and permanent ceases can be made. Hanging and rolling are two recommended storage ways. The only thing you should be careful is to make sure that the storage place has a smooth surface. So your neckties have no concern for the scratching damage. Always have multiple neckties for switch. So your neckties have some time to relax and refresh a bit. If stained spots or food on the neckties, clean it immediately. When you are driving, don't bind your necktie with the safety belt. So you have a tidy necktie when you get out of your car.