Everyone knows skinny jeans are THE thing to wear this season. But I still regularly talk to people who don't own skinny jeans, or don't completely know the way to wear it (this season). So here are the basics.

I'm loving black or/and grey skinny jeans. It seems that there are still quite a lot of people who only own blue jeans, (a reminensence of the late 90s.) So I've been actively persuading people that they should buy black/grey jeans. They look so much more effortlessly cool.

But of course, if you had the money to own multi-colour jeans, or you simply prefer blue, or just as an alternative, then blue jeans are great too, just as long as they're cut and fit really well. Also, with any skinny jeans, try to wear some heels, (any heels are better than no heels unless you're tall or skinny.)

Since it is fall/winter, tucking skinny jeans into long boots is a popular way of wearing them. Don't think I have to explain this.

Personally, I think the best way to wear skinny jeans is to pair them with long shirts or short shift dresses. Whichever long top you wear, it should end at the widest part of your hips. While Mary Kate doen'st exactly need the clothes to flatter her body, the way she wears long shirts in the two images above is the way to go. See how her shirts end at that perfect point at the hips? I've found it the most flattering and comfortable way to wear skinny jeans.

Since I'm short myself, I realise that skinny jeans aren't quite flattering for those who are not tall or actually have hips. So a way which you can still wear the style is to wear straight leg jeans. They have look cool like skinny jeans, but are less body-conscious. (See Lindsay's jeans.)