Totes are still wildly popular, but this season, many high-end brands added a little twist to totes: the shoulder straps. Now this trend my fellow readers, is a wonderfully practical trend, especially with bags being super-sized.

Both of Miuccia Prada's brands are notable sellers of this shoulder strap trend. Prada had loads. However, I do love the trend in Miu Miu more. Maybe it's because Miu Miu bags feel more youthful and chic (to me at least,) and I relate shoulder straps to the younger generation.

The Miu Miu Napa Coffer bag was the number one winner in the fall season. Loads of celebs were seen holding it, and when I visited Miu Miu stores, they were completely sold out!

But the Miu Miu bag I really loved this season (but unfortunately didn't buy) was this gorgeous satchel. Seriously, the leather type changes from the top to bottom, and the leather bows at the side are SO cute. Barney's Girl has this in normal leather and it reminds me of a cute, girly version of the Balenciga Motorcycle bag.

Miu Miu Spring Napa Satchel -Not as cute, but looks like a practical and vintage-looking sort of bag. Sigh, I do so love Miu Miu bags...

Louis Vuitton's Adele has two trends in one: the chains and strap. I'm not really loving the plastic-looking chains though.

Balenciaga's Motorcycle bags -the First (left) and the City (right.) I love these Balenciaga bags. For a leather bag, they're really light, plus you could fit loads of stuff into the bag. I love the stylish edge Balenciaga bags give to one's outfits. (I may be biased though because the red City is my FW06 bag.)

Chloe bags, oddly enough, added shoulder straps to some of their bags too. Paddington satchel (left) and Tekla shoulder bag (right).

As most trends go, this trend trickled down to the high-street bags too, such as these two from Urban Outfitters.