I've never really liked the Valentino collections in the past, but this collection was sooo pretty! The whole collection is made of spring colours -some soft, some bold. There is a lot of pleating, ruffles, bows and flowery prints. While I don't know how these would look off the runway, they certainly looked great on the runway. These clothes are definitely made for the super girly girls.
Caroline Trentini and this red dress (below left) are absolutely stunning. And Jessica Stam (below right) looks like a magical princess in the pale ice blue pleated dress. So gorgeous.
Karl Lagerfeld

The whole Karl Lagerfeld collection consists of black, white and navy. There are many puffy sleeve shift dresses in this collection which I didn't like, but there are also a lot of other cool looks (see pictures below.) Many looks have lacy flowery stockings and as any typical Lagerfeld shows, the makeup is another focus point. Again, Karl came up with a modern and chic collection that should sell well.
Dries Van Noten

OK, I liked DVN's FW06 collection but I was so disappointed by this one. I may be biased but I absolutely hate the sporty look. Sporty looks should stay at suitably sporty occasions and venue. Dark-coloured parkas looked smart on the Prada FW06 runway, but parkas are terrible on the SS07 runways. Afterall, why would we want to wear parkas in warm temperatures?
But thank goodness in the middle of the collection, there are a few of those silk, printed dresses and tops that I do so love from DVN. DVN's silk garments always have this expensive and edgy feel to them. Now if only I could afford them...