Finally, Paris fashion week. My favourite week of all. Its so weird to think that one is actually IN the city where these shows are taking place instead of it being miles away. Although of course, the closest I actually got to a fashion show was probably on my way to the Palais Royal from the Louvre, although we didn't even got that far as we made a detour and had ice cream at Hagan Daz instead. LOL. But anyway, after many hours of battling with my faulty wireless connection (I'm finally catching it at a good time) here is what I think of the shows so far.

This is actually one of my favourite collections from Stefano Pilati. Everything was all very Parisienne chic and the proportions are all perfect to flatter the female body.

Even the check patterned outfits were cute and stylish and doesn't look like a picnic cloth at all!Although some of the proportions were still a bit off. Like these outfits. The first two looks like a very well tailored ninja uniform.
What I completely adored though, was the gorgeous gorgeous outfits at the end. I love the violet flower theme, the billowing chiffon flowers are just so romantic and beautiful. I especially like the purple dress (far left). And the presentation, on a flower strewn runway was a fabulous touch, although it does look rather painful to walk on.

Ricardo Tisci's third collection at Givenchy was. . interesting. I can't say I didn't like it, most were aesthetically pleasing, but some of the elements were just a little be too futuristic and geometric for my taste.

These are the few that I liked. I think that tuxedo black jacket would make an excellent addition to anyone's SS07 wardrobe.

Outfits like these looks cool, but I'm just don't think that it is has the elegance and sophistication that one usually relates to Givenchy.

Apart from the black and white palette, he also did something different with these African prints. I thought the prints were done alright, like this dress here (far left), although it didn't really go too well with the overall theme of the collection.
I thought these evening outfits were pretty interesting and geometrical. They all looks really nice, if a little strange. I wonder how the almost triangle shaped dress Gemma is wearing hold up?

And what is with designers this season all going for these ugly frills??