Ooo... It's finally the last, and most exciting fashion week: Paris.


One of the most, if not THE most anticipated show of the four weeks of fashion weeks. Nicolas Ghesquiere surprised everyone with a new theme and innovative use of material. Next season's hot theme is going to be robots and futuristic er, people. So expect to see many cyber-themed editorials in style magazines next spring and summer.
Gone are FW06's horse-riding caps and in are the space googles, which is very smart of course seeing how shdes are mainly summer's accessories. Even with the not-so-down-to-earth cyber theme, Balenciaga's clothes are still cut and put together impecably. Black and white are still the main colours. The most memorable item in the collection? The gold robot trousers.
Loves this collection!

Christian Dior

When I looked through the first 20 looks on, I thought, wow this is so boring. But then, there are many loveable dresses that follow the suits. The dresses' cutting and theme seem to be continued and only slightly evolved from the Resort collection. This doesn't mean the dresses aren't pretty of course. As usual, John Galliano managed to come up with many pretty yet very sellable dresses for Dior's RTW collection. The only thing I have to complain are those ugly shoes. Check them out in look #4-6 below.
I can totally see some actress wearing the glamorous dresses in the last two looks below to some award ceremony.
Ann Demealemeester

While Demealemeester is not a huge brand, I do love that dark, cool and black & white look. I usually hate tye-die things, but the black and white tye-die is done so fantastic here. There are the typical cool clothes: the suits, the black vests, thin silver chains. The silhouette continues to be long tops and skinny pants. OK, so maybe I'm not going to be buying clothes from Demealemeester in the near future, but I'm definitely going to try to imitate its looks.