- Dontella continues her revival of the House of Versace beautifully. Dresses in this collection are not as 'pretty' as SS06's, but more fashion-foward.

- Models' makeup is stunning. If you're going out at night, try the Versace look!
- Really like the black, sequin mini-dress on Irina (look #4.)
Jil Sander

- Raf Simons proves that no matter how bold, how bright the colours are, Jil Sander is forever minimalistic.
- Has a lot of suits that really focus on good cutting.
- And of course, there are the plain but very Jil Sander-signature cut dresses in various bold colours.
Roberto Cavalli

- Daria's first, and possibly only SS07 catwalk. To be honest, the makeup doesn't look great on her.
- I don't understand Cavalli's theme here. The girls look like what I imagine Prairie girls, or slightly masculine bohemian girls to look like.
- Nevertheless, many of the outfits are still very grand and opulent-looking. And well, since this is Cavalli, many of the clothes are perfect for party animals.
- Look #2 below is one of my favourites. The dress is glamorous and fun.