Last Tuesday was the season 7 premiere of my all-time absolute favourite show, Gilmore Girls. With the original producers, Amy and Daniel Palladino gone, I was a bit worried Gilmore Girls will lose its spark. Nevertheless, I was super excited to watch the premiere. I'm not going to go into the details of the episodes because some people have not watched it yet, but let me just say that after such a long summer break, episode 701 really got me hyper for the coming season.

In the premiere, we see most of our favourite characters (except for the grandparents.) I love Rory and Logan! Rory's got such shiny hair and pretty clothes! And that rocket thing was SO sweet!

The lovely Paris and her SAT prep business scene is my favourite scene in the episode. And the loveable citizens of Stars Hollow are also featured quite prominently. It's good to see Taylor thinking of some random scene to 'improve' Stars Hollow again!

Predictably, Lorelai and Luke continue their fight. To be honest, Luke really deserved to be told off after his 'I need more time' thing last season. And most importantly, what is Gilmore Girls without mother and daughter talk -in super speed of course.

*Squeals* OK I think I should stop gushing how much I love Gilmore Girls. I can't wait for tomorrow's episode. Oooh, speaking of tomorrow, Veronica Mars' Season 3 premieres tomorrow night. For those of you who don't know Veronica Mars, it's about a student plus part-time PI dealing with life and solving cases with lots of cool ideas and gadgets. If you like GG, you're sure to love VM too, so remember to watch Veronica Mars after Gilmore Girls tomorrow night on the CW.