Barneys Girl and I have both been so busy preparing for back-to-school recently that our posts have been a bit irregular. As I'm blogging in London right now, Barneys Girl is on a flight for her semester in Paris. Anyways, my little notes on Milan:

Emilio Pucci
- Vibrant with a youthful vibe.- Original Pucci pattern is not only in black & white, but is also in fruity cocktail mixes.
- Cute short dresses which are eye-catching and stylish -looks like there's plenty for socialites to choose from next season!

Dolce & Gabbana

- A lot of rather unpleasant and uncomfortable looking corsets with complimentary skirts or pants. I don't get how the Dominatrix look can be percieved as stylish.
- Absolutely love the black dress and purple flower that Caroline Trentini is wearing, (see look #2 above.) Sexy without looking slutty.
- Seriously weird swimsuits which look more like knights' armours.
- Some PVC or patent leather-made clothes. Wouldn't that be really hot for summer?
- The collection ends with a range of debateable clothing.
- The dress on the left is cute, but the outfit on the right just brings back terrible images from that fashion period when clothes looked like PJs.


- Love this collection. Such stylish combinations of colours and shapes, not to mention innovative use of material. Sometimes it's easy to understand why some call Lagerfeld a fashion genius.
- Love the simple colour palette: black, white, shocking pink, navy, cream and silver.
- There is a LOT of super loveable cocktail dresses for all ages.