The clothes are composed of strong, bold colours: black, red, orange, purple and white. This collection was all about the sixties: from the short shifts to long, flowy dresses. At first glance, the Gucci girls looked more like 60s dolls than sexy dancing queens, but the extreme mini dresses prove otherwise.

Nevertheless, in the past few years, long Gucci dresses have been staples of many socialites' seasonal wardrobes to events. Such socialites love the obvious sexiness of Gucci dresses. This collection's long dresses are more sensual with a touch of bohemian -basically, they do not flash a lot of skin. Oh dear, what ever will socialites wear next season?

Alessandro Dell'Acqua

I've always thought of Dell'Acqua clothes as dark, like sort of rock'n'roll, goth sort of dark, which is why I always had a thing for this brand. However, I was quite disappointed with the SS07 collection. This collection is as usual, still very party and clubbing-ish. I really didn't like the huge belts as they look very two-dimensional on the clothes.
While I'm usually so-so on leopard-prints, I think the leopard-printed mini dress is really cool, (see look #6, the look on the right). However, there is just way too many animal-printed clothes in this collection.


I have never really paid much attention to Etro before because I'm not a big fan of bohemian-looking prints, but I do love all the other clothes from the collection. I especially love the short shift dresses with black leggings. The clothes are strong and colourful, making them stylish and youthful. Here are the looks I like::