So I admit, before college I grew up in a greenhouse where dirty clothes just magically appears in my wardrobe after a day or so all cleaned and ironed like new. Imagine my shock when I got to college and dirty clothes just stayed dirty in the laundry basket!!

Well. . maybe I exxagerated just a tiny bit there about my ignorance, but it makes a great anecdote right? Anyway, clueless on how to operate a washing machine, I actually got a friend to give me instructions my first time. I mean, I know I'm supposed to seperate colors, but does that mean I'll have to seperate them into all reds, purples, blues, whites, blacks and pinks? What if the shirt had two different colors on it?? LOL. In the end I pulled through and managed the entire year looking clean and put togehter. . . with very little mishap.

Mishap #1: Washing my cheap purple rug with my baby blue pajamas created purplish indigo pajamas instead. Luckily it was dyed very evenly and the color was pretty enough.
Mishap #2: I tried to wash my airy polyester filled blanket in with the rest of my colors. When the water filled up and the machine still didn't move I finally realised that the machine was simply too full. So I took the completely soaked in blanket out of the machine. . . it went swoosh and nearly flooded the laundry room. . . but I read the label and it DID say it was machine washable!
Mishap #3: I put this party top with silver sequinns I'd bought from Top Shop in the washing machine (inside a washing bag) and the sequinns came out looking rusted.
Mishap #4: Not my fault cause I always read the labels of my favourite tops. But one of my pretty purple silk tops that I'd recently bought somehow ended up in the washing machine . . . . silk tops are NEVER meant for the washing machine. It has now lost its silky shininess and slinky softness. Instead, it now feels like old fabric. . . *sobs*

Do share your washing disasters (or advice) so we can all learn from your mistakes!