Feeling casual the other day, I looked for the classic t-shirt and jeans combo in my closet (since summer I've rarely gone this path)- and suddenly realised how lacking I was in t shirts! I have like three acceptable t shirts in my wardrobe. The others were all too dressy or were leftover from my days of branded tees (thank god I grew out of that). Whatever happened to nice simple graphic tees?
So I went on a look out for it, and came across these gorgeous graphic ones from Dior and Karl Lagerfeld. I love the graphics, its so feminine yet cool.
For something cuter, try these Marc by Marc Jacobs tees. I love the city landscape one cause its just so me, but I don't really understand the little girl in the shark mouth. . .
Something simple, cool and slightly gothic, Chloe and See by Chloe has these two graphic tees.
I am not much of a rocker chick, but these two shirts from Morhpine Generation (available at ShopBop)makes me want to be one. Not only do they look cool alone, but it'll look awesome under a blazer too!
The while heels (and legs) on the red tee from Paul Frank and the music notes tee from Urban Outfitters is just great fun.

And strangky, I kind of like these two tees from Urban Outfitters with the sillohuettes and the subtly victorian gothic thing going on. Its very interesting.

And why does Urban Outiftters and Chip & Pepper not make tees for my uni?