Eeee *Squeals*! Fashion Week has started again. I wasn't actually that excited until I started collecting photos for the blog. But now, I can't wait to see more shows. Ok ok, now onto the shows:


I love that street chic feeling that DKNY never fails to give out.
First out is DKNY's casual uniform: sharp-coloured, layored shirts with loose pants.
I hate the tribal-looking dresses.
These two outfits are so perfect to go from day to night; cool casual, but also good for semi-formal.
I love the jacket on the left model -it's a casual, sporty jacket, yet it has the shape of a non-sporty, high-end jacket.

Luella's look is mainly composed of prints with preppy items, like blouses and sweaters. And of course, there are the seriously weird-looking shades. I don't usually like Luella, but I liked quite a lot of the outfits in this collection.
The black & white alphabet prints is one of Luella's main featured prints this season. I love that the prints are only on the collar on the jacket on the left -it's just enough to make the jacket unique but not tacky. The outfit on the right is another typical Luella look this season: a black & white printed T-shirt under a jacket with fitted black or white pants.
Another main print is this black & white flowery print. I like how these two outfits are preppy without being boring.
Luella always has cute cocktail dresses. I love how cool these two dresses look on the models.

Diane von Furstenberg
Honestly, I was quite disappointed with this collection of DVF. All the dresses and garments were well made, but I just can't see the theme of this collection. (The theme is supposedly All About Eve.) There was just way too many shapes, prints and colours. But there were some pretty items, just as long as you think of them seperately.
3.1 Phillip Lim

For a debut runway collection, this collection certainly has many loveable pieces. Lim used white for almost the whole collection.
Fashionable girls everywhere are sure to fall for the pretty, simple pieces.
Notice that even though both outfits are all white, the different materials make the outfits more 3-dimensional. The fits are also fantastic.
These two dresses are simple but not boring. Plus, it's great how it's not obvious which designer the dresses are by when you wear them.