Marc Jacobs
Usually I'm not really into Marc Jacobs' collections because they were always a bit too mature for me, but I loved this one! This Marc Jacobs collection did not feel like a New York show because it was so artistic and casual couture-like, (whereas typical NY shows are quite clean-cut). Going through the runway photos felt like entering a fairytale world, where all the girls are fashionably dressed of course. White, metallics and other washed out colours, (such as grey and khaki) dominated the collection. Sigh, sooo lovely!
I love Lily Donaldson's outfit (right.) Even though there are two layers, the bottom white layer is so sheer it looks really light. I also really like the shoes in both pictures. They look so casually stylish and comfortable.
Just imagine wearing the dark blue dress on the left -it's a totally effortless outfit!
The office clothes, Jacobs style.
(Left) Bag dresses are emerging to be one of next season's trends. The flying fabric is not very practical in real life, but oh-so-cute. It looks like a pair of wings. (Right) Cool, casual layering in neautral colours.
I can't imagine wearing those hats in real life, but they're so adoreable!
Even the dresses are layered. I really love the colour palette of this collection.

Oscar de la Renta

Oscar's clothes continue to be perfect for the perfectly-dressed, (mostly American,) ladies. The collection had a lot of dresses, both casual and formal. The fit of these dresses are so fantastic. Many outfits in the collection are great for the 'vacation look' -perfect for the rich-and-fabulous' many holidays. Many of the dresses are also wearable both day and night, (excluding the super long dresses).

Proenza Schouler
Proenza Schouler's famous bra top was surprisingly, not featured many times. I'm only so so on this collection because the colour palette isn't my taste, but I do think the dark pieces in the photos above are quite cool (if you're into that kind of style.)