Thanks to everyone who sent in their posts. People sure have been really enthusiastic about spending $10m!

Our question: "Surprise darling! You have just won the lottery! How will you, the super fabulous fashionable blogger, spend your US$10m winnings? Tell us all about your money-spending plan!"

Your answers:
The fabulous Susanna at The Bling Blog has a brilliant plan to spend the her money, and points out that after tax, we only have $6.5m left to spend!
Fellow student, Pink Mirage will be spending her money smartly, such as donating to charities and paying off her school tuitions.
The ever astute editor Lesley at Fashion Tribes has a detailed financial plan for her $10m, including using $1m to expand
Brillian makeup artist/ shopper Kim at I am Pretty NYC would spend $200,000 of the money alone on beauty products!
The creater of transparent shoeboxes, the Shoe Lover is going to put the 10 million to good use saving the world.
Super lawyer Susan at Counterfeit Chic plans to donate her money to the charity, Dress for Success. Such a lovely, charitable woman!
The fantastic Erin at A Dress A Day will start her own couture studio and make lots of dresses.
Designer Ella at Kiss Me Stace has a detailed plan for her lottery money, including buying many many bags.
Fashion student, Danielle at Final Fashion will hire professionals to manage her new overwhelming wealth.
The Fashionable Kiffen will generously treat her family to a shopping spree to end all sprees in oh-so-chic City of Light.
We were just in time to give S at Style Tribe a birthday fantasy. Hope she had fun with it.
San Francisco-based fashion designer, Verbal Croquis will not suprisingly start her own fashion line.
Maureen at Blog or Not will be buying and invest in making many well-tailored professional suits for women.
Canadian fashion blogista Isabel at Hipster Musings will convert her money into Candian dollars and spend it on her mum and clothes.

We would love to know how YOU (other bloggers and our readers,) would spend the $10m too. Bloggers, do continue to email us the links to your posts. The deadline is this Fri, and come back on Sat to check out Round Two! If you're our reader, we would still love to know what you would do with your lottery money -just comment! As a little reminder, you can read the brief in detail here.