I've never really been much of a fan of London fashion because it is always very over the top crazy i.e compare project catwalk with project runway. But the one thing I can say about London fashion is that they are always innovative and never boring. Here's a few collections that caught my eye.

I've never really expected that much from this brand, but I'm surprised. Pleasantly so. The collection was simple and tasteful with just the right amount of creativity. The main focus was those darling coats! Classically styled to flattered and yet never boring. The addition of the floral belt adds to the feminine quality of the coat. And the empire dress styled coat with the thin see-through (is it chiffon?) material is just genius if not the most practical against the weathers. But the last dress just looks kind of uncomfortable tight on the bust area. . .

Emma Cook
I simply adore the Emma Cook show. It was the definition of casual chic. And I think the rest is pretty self explanatory.. .

Giles Deacon
I have no idea who this designer is, but his innovative pieces just caught my attention. I adore the first picture, where the dull black slouchy outfit is brought to life with the simple addition of wool turtleneck and sleeves. And the second outfit is just sooo indescribibly cool. Although these first two outfits have been selectively picked out by me to reflect my subtle sense of style, the majority of the collection was actually really over the top-like the last picture shown with that piece of abstract metal work of art (i'm sure) on her head.

Manish Arora
Randomly skimming through the list of London Fashion week shows, I landed on the Manish Arora show as the vibrant colors, prints and rich materials popped out at me. At a glance, you would think that everything is way too out there and crazy. Bit on closer examination, the individual pieces are extremely wearable and gorgeous. The blue striped sweater for example, for once the heart prints do not look stupid. Love the second oufit. And the third is ready for the london streets!