After a long day, one of my favourite things to do is to sit back and relax with a nice chick lit, becuase it is always light, fun and you are guaranteed a happy ending. Who needs more tragedy and deep thought when you can get all that on the news? Anyways, my latest read is Some Like it Haute by our fellow blogista, Julie K L Dam.

Frankly, I was expecting just another chick lit, cause face it, the recent offerings of chick lits have not been all that fascinating. But I was delightfully surprised. I found that I really loved and connected with Alex, the protagonist of the story, who very aptly described herself as "smart and shallow." She gives the life as a fashionista going from show to show, party to party from the perspective of an insider. I loved how she used intellectual metaphors to describe sacred fashionista experiences, comparing stepping into the house of Chanel with 'pilgrims to the Holy Land,' (ok so this might not be the best one-but it was the one that stuck with me after reading it). Ooo and I totally connected when she said that she had 'faith in Chanel to survive the number of years that it would take' her to get a grandaughter. My sentiments exactly!

And of course there is the romance. Nick is just perfect. And I thought that the 'thing' that keeps them apart (as all romances tend to have before the happy ending) was very innovative, modern and witty. The secondary characters were delightful. I ADORE the secondary characters: her mother, Lola her Dior publicist friend (O if only we can all come into close contact with the Dior Haute Couture collection) and her french teacher Jacques. Also the huge list of brand named cosmetics and desginers mentioned can make any fashionista drool!

Basically its just a wonderfully witty book written in the voice of a fashionista that we can actually connect with. Definitely a must read. You can get a copy from amazon starting February 22!