Barneys Girl and I decided that we cannot miss out on this week's Carnivale of Couture: The State of Fashion Union, hosted by Almost Girl and Fashion Tribes. The questions are:
What fashion means to you.
Why fashion is important (or not.)

So after a lot and a lot of thinking by us, who constrast to popular belief do have a life out of the fashion blogosphere, both Barneys Girl and I came to a similar conclusions.

So you'll hear my take first. I don't think it is possible for me to just pour my heart here over what fashion means to me because when something means something to someone, it's probably more important than just 'it means this to me.' If you've been reading this blog long enough, then you'll probably already know intuitively how much fashion means to me. On a superficial, simple level, fashion is to me: an interest, beauty, art, reflection of personality and status (the superficial realities of the world,) and of course, blogging three times a week!

On a deeper level, well, that's private and indescribable. While there is definitely a deeper meaning to fashion, of which is different to all of us, I don't like to ponder over these 'deeper meanings' and dissect them so much that they don't even mean anything anymore. And frankly, I've never been one to act overly concerned about issues and causes (things such as PETA or humanity topics.) Even more so, I detest people who pretend they care.

And yes, of course fashion is important. We all know fashion is a huge industry, with other related industries such as print media, advertising, entertainment etc. attached to it. Gosh, so many people are financially supported by it. Also a lot of people are mentally supported by it -I remember during my GCSEs, (that's a UK public exam for 16 yr old students for those who don't know,) I was motivated to study by staring at this cute bag I just bought and my dinner dance dress.

Two summers ago, my dad gave me a very significant fatherly advice: See, if you want to be wearing your Pradas and Guccis when you grow up, then you better work hard and work for a good/ big company. Because apart from the fact you will need loads of money to buy all these clothes, to wear these nice clothes, you must be working in a serious business district (like Central in Hong Kong,) and only these important companies are located there. Of couse, I've figured all this out since young, but it didn't hurt to hear it from my dad.