Ok. So I watch this show. And according to their quiz, I'm "pretty geeky." But deep down anyone with a bit of intelligence is a little geeky-besides, no one ever said that one cannot be fashionably geeky right? I know I am like 3 days late, but its hard to be up to date on tv shows without a tv. Anyway, I just wanted to express my sorrow for the elimination of Thais and Tyson.

Well. . I don't feel too much for Thai (she should've studied more) but Tyson-he was the sweetest geek on the show!!! He was really trying, he studied really hard, he knew his stuff (if only Thais had studied, she would know that the main memory storage in a computer is called a harddrive!), he was funny, he said stuf like "$250 000 is nice, but I think I'm only to leave here with a friend. And I think ultimately that's my big prize" and "there aren't many girls in my life, so if I can do something nice for a girl, then its always a pleasure," and of course, he's awesome with the rubix cube. He can solve it without looking in 3 minutes! So disappointing. Now I don't know who to vouch for!

And they lost to Tristan and Chris, who frankly, is not everyone's favourite couple. Tristan cries all the time, but generally not too annoying. But CHRIS is a complete jerk. He is egotistic, up himself and generally just ugh! There's this other really annoying and cocky girl, Cher, from another group. She and Chris would've made the perfect team.

For those of you who don't know. This show basically pairs up beauties with geeks and see who can change the other the most. Quite hilarious. Here's a funny one:

What would you do to prevent pollution?

eat less gaseous food, so we won't be farting alot-thats a form of air pollution.