We all love our mobiles. Who in this day and age can live without one? But it wasn't until recently I realised the charm of mobile phone charms.

Here's the story, I have a friend who just got the new Motorola Moto PEBL U6 (which is a gorgeous phone btw.) Her birthday was last month and by coincidence, one of her best friends sent her a Tiffany's mobile phone charm all the way from Shanghai, (such a great friend!) Viola! It was a brilliant match. The first time I saw the phone and charm together I was so excited, see here:

Isn't it sooo gorgeous? Maybe it's the sleekness of the Motorola phone, or maybe it's the brilliance of the Tiffany star, but ever since seeing them together, I've been paying a lot more attention to mobile phone charms around me.

Last year, one of my mum's friend got me a Swarovski charm. It's not for sale anymore, but Swarovski does make superb charms, so check them out. Here's one of my favs, which is for sale in store. Isn't it so pretty? If you look carefully at each of the crystals, they're all slightly different in color and texture. The last one is the Swarovski swan (you have to stare at it quite carefully to notice it!)