Nautical stripes have always sort of been around, on and off, especially with all those cruise collections going on. But walking in the stores this season, one cannot help but notice a significantly larger amount of clothes devoted to the nautical theme, nautical stripes are hard to miss!

Traditionally these classic nautical striped shirts are signature looks that can be seen on the catwalk in any season of say.. Tommy Hilfiger. But this season, these classic shirts have made it onto the much more exciting runways of Emporio Armani and LAMB! I'm loving what they're doing at Emporio Armani, mixing the nautical tee with satin pants.

And the wonderful thing is that one can easily get the same shirt at a much lower cost in high street stores that are already catching on, like this one from Anthropologie.

If you're not too hot about going all out nautical like above, one can always take a page out of the King of the nautical's, Ralph Lauren's, book and wear it more subtly like above-inside matched with a very plain outer layer.

A good one would be these two from Trina Turk and Anthropologie respectively. I simply adore how Anthropologie used a blend of two stripes, it really gives the shirt more style and emphasizes the neckline.

Another gorgeous take on the nautical stripes. On cardigans, the sailor stripes are both ladylike and bold-esp the navy blue one above from Anthropologie. And they are oh-so-wearable too judging from the outfit on the left from Marc by Marc Jacobs. Perfect for keeping us warm in spring/summer from the occasional chilly wind and a/c.

And then there is the much more exciting and artistic twist to the nautical stripes from none other then Marc by Marc Jacobs again. And now. . I feel like I should say, aiye aiya sailor!