wIn high school my friend and I used to always fantasized about what we would have on our own private island during economics class. On my island, I had a mall filled with all the latest fashion (naturally), skin care research center, fine dining, military base, a spa and now that I think about it, a few exotic clubs along the coast just for fun. But I guess that is what I would like to live with and not what I cannot live without. So after much thought, I have narrowed it down to just a few items of necessity.

First on my list-a decent pair of denims. I don't know what I would do without my denims. My current favourite: Joe's Jeans Cigarette denims. They are slimming and super soft.

Ok, I'm not sure if this has to be something that you already own. But if I'm going to be stranded on an island for life, I will totally get a pair of superfantastic manolo's. Especially if thats what I'm going to wear for the rest of my life. I want to DIE in manolos!

Then there is my all time favourite accessory- my silver hoop earrings. Basically, I wear it every day except on very special occasions. .

As for bag. . I simply cannot decide which small inpractical shoulder bag of mine that I cannot live without. There's just one for every outfit and mood. So here, I've just randomly picked one that I own. Its a shoulder bag and a clutch.

Inside-besides the usual cell phone, lipgloss, mirror, cash, plastic and ID-is my Canon digital camera. My life will simply not be the same without my baby.

I am going to assume that this lifelong party at the island of superfantasticness is somewhere in the exotic tropics, which includes plenty of time in the sun. Any for me, any time in the sun means sunscreen. So plenty of time in the sun means plenty of sunscreen. The skin is of the utmost importance. At the moment, I am using this one from Dermalogica.

But at the end of the day, the ONE thing I truly cannot live without-are my saltine crackers. I've been eating them everyday since high school, I simply cannot imagine what I'd do without them.