In the spirit of the Carnivale of Couture: Qu. You are stranded at a lifelong party on The Island of Superfantasticness. What are the fashion items you simply cannot live without?

First of all if you actually knew me, you would know that there would be no way I would go to a party lasting longer than 5 hours, let alone be stranded at a lifelong party or some deserted island.

And if I ever went to any parties, I would only be carrying one of those little, impractical bags, such as my current favourite -the LV Monogram Vernis Lexington (in Perle.) Inside it would be my usuals: Clean & Clear oil-absorbing paper, pocket mirror, mints, mini pen, mini bottle of deo, hair tie, lip balm, DiorKiss lip gloss in Rose Guimauve/ Pink Marshmellow, Shu Uemura liquid eyeliner, mobile phone, ID card, lots of cash, credit card, and sometimes, iPod Nano.

Outfit-wise, I'm usually in black pants, a pretty top and trusty blazer (my recent fav is a dark purple one by Indivi, sort of like the one in the picture above). And if I'm bothered, maybe a pair of earrings or a necklace.

And umm, what else can't I live without... to be honest, there's not really any fashion item that I can't live without. What I like changes all the time (which is prob what defines part of fashion), so the only thing I can't live without is probably money. Yikes, I need to go finish off my essay and get packing for Spain now!