It's that time of the season again when Dior retails and advertises for yet another makeup-hidden-inside-jewelry. Almost a year ago there was the Paris Hilton-lookalike wearing the Dior cosmetic ring (in the ad.) Then there was the keychain in fall. This time around, Dior took a little leaf out of YSL's books and created a cosmetic braclet: the Dior Gormette.

I'm sure all of you would have seen this ad in magazines by now. I quite like this ad -it's very Dior in a stylish, casual streetwear sort of way. The makeup on the model is basically everything pink. Thank goodness for the dark layer of eyeliner and shadows around her eyes that makes her look sexy girly instead of bubblegum-pop girly.

The braclets are available in two sets of lip colors:
Street Charm
Urban Chic
I couldn't resist talking about the Laura Mercier Liquid Crystal Lip Glaces too. When I first saw the Liquid Crystals, I thought it was such a weird thing! In bottle, the lip gloss looked like a whirl of psychodelic colors, so what would it look if it was on the lips? Out of curiousity and boredom (I was waiting for my facial appointment in Space NK,) I tried on one of the three Liquid Crystals and was so AMAZED! This lip glace is seriously shiny. The amount of color pigments is just right. The colors are quite bright so it's more of a summer lip color than winter. A little bit of warning though, I read in customer reviews that it has terrible staying power. I didn't buy it because I still had a few bottles of unfinished lip glosses at home, but maybe this summer......