Argh, jetsetting is not as fun as it looks. I just came back from a short trip to SF (yes I do seem to be going there a lot these days) and it is tiring. Although I DO so love good food, shopping and the mind numbingness of getting away. Anyway, while packing, I realised that somehow in the last few years, my repertoire of cosmetics has increased significantly. So much that it no longer all fit into my average sized narrow cosmetic bags and its getting hard to actually locate anything without pouring it all out first. Obviously this is the sign for me to get a new more spacious and easy to access cosmetics bag.

I first considered Le Sportsac. But the normal cosmetic bags they offer are just too small and doesn't have enough compartments in it for me to get organised with.

The next obvious place to look was of course, Sephora. Disappointingly, their choices were bulky and frankly, not that cute. Although this printed one I found on their site is not half bad. Will have to see it in real life to determine whether its good or not.

Sephora was also promoting this set from Bare Escentuals. It actually looks quite perfect and I def wouldn't mind trying out their products-I hear they're quite good. Except I saw this one real life and its very shallow, so not spacious. . .

I know that one should really be economical and just use the make-up bags that cosmetic brands give out when you buy a huge amount of products. But sometimes, they're just not quite perfect and none quite as cute as these ones from Bloom. The one of the right is actually bigger, but I haven't seen the inside of it to decide if its quite as perfect. But they both look very adorable.

In the end, I bought this (on top) cosmetic bag from Stila. It is just the right size to fit everything and looks oh-so-stylish. Too bad I didn't see the one on the below though. It is actually bigger with more compartments to get organised with AND it leaves more space for the further expansion of my cosmetics collection.