Wow the haute couture shows are upon us again! Looking at the new batch of beautiful creations, I have found more motivation to slave away studying for that funny pointy shape with a line across it like a canoe head known fondly to students as a "A."

Armani Prive

The Armani show was.. . very Armani. Like you just glance at the picture and immediately tell its Armani. Sleek, feminine, sophisticated. . what more do I need to say?

When I become the high power business woman that I am grooming to be, this will be part of my business wardrobe.

And aren't these two gorgeous? The black one is interesting, sexy but not trashy. And the white one is just oh-so-classical. There's something like this on the red carpet every year. I wonder who we will be seeing in this one?

And I like the starry midnight theme this one has going for it. But that pointy thing at the hips just looks really weird and uncomfortable. . .

Unlike the Armani, the Valentino show wasn't quite as Valentino as one would expect. Lines were softer, more flowy but still very elegant.

And while we're ordering my future power woman wardrobe, please throw in these two for variety. I love how the collars are different and the whole outfit looks so comfortable (esp the beige one) as if she'd been wearing it all day.

And of course Valentino's evening wear is as elegant and gorgeous as ever. I adore the ballerina styled one, cause it looks so much fun. And the long white one is just the epitome of Valentino.

This red one is just somehow not very flattering.

Christian Dior

I like to think that when it comes to the appreciation of fashion/art, I have an open eye. But however way I look at this collection, I cannot comprehend it. Admittedly the craftmanship put into this collection is nothing short of genius. But frankly, I'm just scared. Please do not let me see any of this in real life-especially in the dark!

We are the scary masked cult out to get you. . .

Not even the symbol of the church will save you from getting your head dislocated by us.

Another night's work well done. Time to go back to the headquarters to show off my bloody cloak.