Last week I was on the phone with my uncle, who lives in San Francisco. He's one of those relatives who has no idea what's in fashion and which celeb is who. So I was quite amazed when the topic of fashion came up (I was enquiring about recent purchases of my aunts'), my uncle said aren't those cowboy-type of boots really trendy now? Apparently everyone is wearing them in CA. Well, at least in San Francisco anyways.

And that was totally like the sign I needed to confirm that cowboy boots are out. I mean, even my uncle noticed them, what more evidence does one need? Personally, I'm SO glad this weird trend of cowboy boots are out. While I admit some celebs looks fantastic in them and can totally pull it off with the effortless boho vibe (see Mary Kate Olsen), there are some celebs who don't get that cowboy boots are NOT meant to be paired up with the whole sexy image *coughjessicasimpsoncough*.

Anyways, to prevent anyone accidently thinking cowgirl boots are still in and buying them, here are some examples of what NOT to buy:

Nine West 'Plank' Boot

Jessica Simpson Footwear 'Jessica' Boot

Frye 'Faith' Western Boot

Kenneth Cole Reaction 'Urban Cowgirl' Boot

Obviously if you have an outfit that would look great with cowgirl boots then wear them. Afterall, style isn't always only about what's trendy. But people, stop walking around in them thinking they're fashionable -they're not!