Thanks to Mary Kate and Ashley, the Balenciagas of every colour ruled 2003. In 2004 came the Chloe Paddington. In 2005 celebs and socialites clamoured over the Fendi Spy bag. The question is, which will be the 'it' bag for 2006?

For a fashion house, being the creater and seller of an 'it' bag is a dream come true. In 2004, Chloe shot to stardom thanks to the Paddingtons (and the cool girly designs of Phoebe Philo of course). Even people who don't know much about fashion suddenly learnt about the brand Chloe. This year, Fendi went from an old, not-so-popular brand to an attention-grabbing brand, (although admittedly, the clothes of Fendi are still not all that great.)

So because all the fashion people are at the end phase of loving the Fendi Spy bag, they are itching to be the first to carry around and show off the next 'it' bag. With the winds still blowing in the Fendi direction, rumour has it that the next 'it' bag will be the B Fendi bag. The only thing I can say is that fashion designers must think the fashionables' IQs are dropping lower and lower. Really, what kind of idiotic name is 'B'? At least 'Spy' had three alphabets.

Anyways, here are some of the B Fendi bags seen in the Fendi SS06 catwalk:

White leather B Fendi bag with floral beading.

White leather B Fendi bag

Straw B Fendi bag with embroidery and green python trim

Snakeskin B Fendi bag

Obviously, just because 'rumour has it', it doesn't mean the B Fendi bag will be the next 'it' bag. Some fashion media such as magazines and websites may say so, but ultimately and most unfortunately, the fate of the next 'it' bag will depend on what the celebs feel like toting around next.