Ever since college I haven't had the time to read much. Of course I always read the monthly magazines, but with school work and activities, books had to be put aside. But in the past week, I've been in a reading mood and went on a little book binge. If you've been walking around your local bookstore or surfing on net, then you'll see loads of great bargain in time for Christmas.

I've been looking at my favourite online store, Amazon, and wow, they have some serious bargains. I love shopping on Amazon because their books are usually cheaper than in bookstores, and most importantly, they deliver for free (as long as you order over a certain price.) Btw, I'm not advertising for Amazon here. Vitually all bookstores are on sale, so book-shop where ever you want!

There's nothing happier for me than to snuggle under a warm blanket and read in winter (except buying clothes of course.) Usually I almost only read chick lits, but I'm trying to branch out. Anyways, so here are some books I've bought recently:

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The Symphony of Ages box set by Elizabeth Haydon -It's a fantasy triology. The story is basically the typical girl and friends try to save the world in a strange world with element powers and weird creatures. This is actually my first attempt at the fantasy genre, but I can never resist a book with loads of girl power. Not to mention the book cover -doesn't she looks so cool with the sword and bow? I've only read two of the books so far (out of three) but it's been pretty interesting so far.

Salem Falls by Jodi Picoult -An ex-prisoner goes to a new town (Salem Falls) and falls in love with the diner owner who he works for. But then a few girls set him up and he gets accused of rape again. A lawyer finds out little clues and we see the whole trial. (OK, this summary isn't very coherent but it's hard to summarise a whole book into three sentences!) I finished this book in one go -it was quite a page turner and a touching story! If you haven't read this or any of Jodi Picoult's books, go try one!

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The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger -"This is the story of Henry and Claire, who have known each other since Claire was six and Henry was 36, and were married when Claire was 20 and Henry 28. This is possible only because Henry is one of the first people diagnosed with chrono-displacement-disorder- allowing him to travel in time." I can't say whether the book is good or not since I haven't read it yet, but it's got brilliant review and it was on serious sale so I bought it. Anyone read it yet?