Usually I think Juicy bags are... well, ugly and poorly designed. Seriously, only very unstylish preppy kids carry those candy-colored bags. This season, Juicy is going way out to create new accessories. And the suprising thing is that some of these designs are actually stylish!

The bags and jewelry designs have been highly improved -I see bags without 'Juicy Couture' plastered all over them; I see jewelry that can be worn with non-preppy outfits; and most importantly, I see some great accessory designs that are youthful, casual yet still chic without being tacky.
This is such a cool, everyday bag. It reminds me of Kate Spade bags but in a more casual, trendy way.

OK, so this bag is pink. Very pink. But its perfect for a casual dinner out. The golden chains are much classier than typical Juicy stuff.

This Juicy clutch is actually elegant! It still says 'Juicy' on it but in a subtle manner. I can totally picture someone wearing a dress for a nice night out holding this clutch.

Dangly sparkly horseshoe earrings. (Horseshoes are just so trendy nowaday.) Perfect with the little black dress.

Love this ring. It's like a mini belt on your fingers! And the platinum-gold color is just perfect for next year's trend!