Every season, there are trends that come in as quickly as they go out. Though not exactly what one would call timeless, they ARE however always a lot of fun to mix and match with. This season, the "passing" by bag trend are tassles add ons!

First up: tassles. They are absolutely EVERYWHERE. Most adorably brought to us by the trendsetter himself, Marc by Marc Jacobs. There is a whole collection of these tassled-up Marc by MJ bags out there.

Like poms poms to a cheerleader, these tassles is a really cute addition. Added to a simple clutch, like this one from Ted Baker, it just adds life and well. . cheerfulness to the whole bag. So now we have tassles on bags as decorations, tassles on zips

And then there are tassles on the ends of drawstring bags- by Juicy Couture (which is cute)and . .

By Anthropologie (which is not so cute). Its easy to see why this will only be a passing phase. Apart from reminding one of pom poms, it also brings up the image of curtain decorations, both as the rope holding the curtains up and the decorations hanging from the trims. Especially this one from Anthropologie, its looks like they had too much material left from the new curtains in their office and decided to use it to make bags. It really is a thin line between carrying extra curtain materials and a cute trendy bag. . .