So a week or so ago, anonymous brought up the interesting question of how should one wear skinny jeans.Skinny jeans are quite "the" thing this season. I myself have bought a pair of skinny jeans a couple months ago. They are by Joe's, entitled the "cigarette leg" and comes with a delightful little necklace with "cigarette leg" emblazoned on it. Can't quite find a picture of them, but they are at the stores.

As to how to wear them, well there is the typical way of wearing them-tucked into your boots. I mean, the design of them does make it amazingly easy to tuck into boots. Flared jeans are such a pain to tuck. When it comes to tucked into boots, I think Miss Sixty does quite a good job of it in their latest campaign. Is it the denim, or does that model on the right really DOES have such skinny thighs?

Then of course, you can wear your skinny jeans as it is with heels. They effect can be fabulously slimming-like this model on the right wearing Dolce and Gabanna. This effect is also can be seen on the mannequin wearing the skinny jeans from the Stella Macartney for H&M collection. The heels don't need to be pointy, this sandal with skinny jeans look from the D Squared runway works very well too.

In fact they don't even need to be heels. They could be flats! The key is that it is slimming in itself. Like these pointy flats above by Franklin Elman. And remember, no chunky sneakers please! Ok, now that we've established the basics-time for some fun!

For that, we look towards the catwalk of the two most fashion forward names in the industry- Alexander MacQueen and Marc by Marc Jacobs. Roll up those skinny jeans-neatly to show off your funky footwear (although this one IS a bit extreme. . ) or -not-so-neatly to achieve a casually thrown together chic.