No matter your age, style or whether you love or hate it, the latest Harry Potter movie is just something everyone must see. From all reviews, it is supposedly THE best Harry Potter movie so thus far-so I was psyched. Many lame movie trailers later, the movie finally began.

And I must say, it wasn't exactly as mind-shatteringly-good as everyone hyped it up to be. I found everything a bit abrupt. One minute they were at the Quidditch World Cup and the next the 2 schools participating in the Triwizard Tournament was arriving. How does that work? I understand that its hard to fit a 700 page book into a 2 hour movie, but it just didn't flow very well.

I also found that many things just didn't fit what I had in mind when reading the book. Take Fleur Delacour for example. She is supposed to be minding-stoppingly beautiful and gorgeous. But I'm sorry, does she look mind-stoppingly beautiful here to you? And what is with their entrance, where the group of girls did this really lame "sighing" thing as they walked into the hall???

Then there was Professor Dumbledore. He continues to not live up to my idea of Dumbledore. He's too skinny. Not stately enough. And well. . too ALIVE. Dumbledore (in my head anyway) is supposed to look like he should be dead, but because he's so amazing, isn't dead. And he's supposed to be calm and the answer to all problems. His anger, confusion and helplessness when Harry was chosen as one of the triwizards just did not work.

Then there was Hermione's transformation for the dance. She's supposed to be so transformed that no one even recognizes her! But obviously we all recognize her as the Hermione we know except with her hair up and in a dress. A dress which by the way is way too frilly. And isn't it weird that suddenly she's accepting a drink from Viktor and then she is screaming at Ron and Harry and crying? She's also not a very good actress. Some bits the expression just blatantly did not match the context. Like when she said, "Boys. . " Also note that her date, Viktor Krum her supposedly amazingly hot quidditch player date is not so hot. .

In fact, now that Oliver Wood has graduated, the only good looking guy on the show- Cedric Diggory- is not even that hot!He has like a weirdly blotchy complexion. AND he dies. So I guess we won't be seeing him again. . .

Other points of interest of a more fashion nature. Cho Chang actually looked really nice at the dance. Her outfit and whole look was very elegantly put together. A little reminscent of Ziyi Zhang.

And entirely random and out of context. This is not a very good picture. But if you've seen the movie, don't you think that the Madame Maxime portrayed in the movie looks like our ever so fashionable Anna Wintour?? Something to do with her bob and style.

Overall though, it was a very satisfying Harry Potter movie and totally worth the wait!