A few weeks ago, I talked about one of this season's trendy hairstyles -the 60s big volume hair. Today I'm going to talk about a hairstyle which is super causal. Actually it looks so casual you might not even realise it's actually considered a 'hairstyle'! This hairstyle is the single-sided ponytail.

You're thinking huh? That's right, the single-sided ponytail made an elegant appearance in the FW05 catwalks and it's legally fashionable to wear it now. I love this hairstlye because it is so great for everyday-wear. It gives off the effortlessly cool vibe when worn with the 'bum' look, (the big sweater with loose pants look when you laze around;) it also transforms into a graceful, chic hairstyle when worn with more intelligent-looking clothes.

The catwalk show that brought upon this trend: Miu Miu FW05

Seems amazingly effortless stylish right? Actually since it's on the catwalk, you can guess it's not so effortless. First, make sure your hair is straight and shiny. Side part the front half of your hair, and comb back the back half. Tie your hair loosely to the side with more hair. Spray a bit of hair spray onto the crown of your hair and backcomb to give it some volume. Lastly, organise the front side parting of your hair is nearly covering one of your eyes. (You might want to spray some hairspray here too.)

So how do you wear this seemingly simple ponytail in real life? See our always fashionable Marissa (The OC) here:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

See how cool it is? Totally laid-back and pretty. For a variation, braid the ponytail:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com