Obviously we all put a lot of trust in our facialist. I mean, this is not our legs, arms, feet or anything else that can be easily hidden under clothing if the operation goes awry. This is our FACE, we can't avoid showing that to people unless we plan to hibernate in our room forever. So my question is, how do we know who to trust?

The other day, taking advantage of the discounts offered by chicagobeauty.com in honor of the National Breast Cancer Awareness month, I took a leap of fate and randomly booked an facial appointment at one of the places listed. Fine it wasn't that random, we did make sure it was located in a respectable area so it couldn't possibly go that wrong. But who would've thought that such a small, rather cluttered and old facial place could exist there? Naturally when we got a glimpse of the place, we were hesistant and very concerned about the quality of the facial. We stucked it out in the end though. But I was so worried that I just couldn't relax properly.

I don't want to judge the quality of the facial just yet, because I'm still giving it a day or two of grace period to recover from all the redness before deciding. But this experience brings up the question of how one should pick their facialist. In my previous experiences, I usually go by the word of mouth (my mom) or pick one that is trustworthy by brand and reputation like Georgette Klinger or spa's located within 5 star hotels. I know that expensive doesn't always mean good, it does buy you a sense of security.

So when trying out new facial places you know little about, what inspires more trust and confident in you- a posh place with an ambience of professionalism, or a no frills place with a more home-made natural approach?