To most of us who are already past the trick-or-treating age, Halloween really doesn't mean much. It's not even a public holiday! And what is the point of Halloween anyways? This was what I thought of Halloween -that was until I watched One Tree Hill last week.

I instantly fell in love with Peyton's whole look, esp her makeup. Here, she was supposed to be 'angel of death', and she had a pretty pair of black wings to go with her theme. What really struck me was how well her makeup was done -it was certainly more creative than your usual gothic-style makeup!
This picture doesn't look as good as when it was on TV, but you can see what I mean by creative makeup. The redish eye shadow is not only applied to the eyelid but also around the eyes, making her more playful than scary. And those dark streaks in her hair and gothic lips make the 'angel of death' look so much more interesting.

It hit me that Halloween is THE perfect time to play around with 'looks' that we usually wouldn't wear. The catwalks always offer many beautiful, fun, yet totally unwearable looks. Today is THE day we can experiment and live up to the Halloween spirit without looking tacky!

Chanel FW05 -The Chanel mod look is one of the most talked about looks in style magazines this season, but have you noticed that nobody is wearing it on the streets? It's a really bold look which few can pull off nowadays. For those mod-loving gals, tonight is a chance to dress and get made-up completely mod and feel like you're in the 60s again!

Dolce & Gabbana FW05 -We all know the Russian look is 'in' this year, but unless you're Kate Moss, you really can't walk around the streets wearing a Russian hat. So why not play with the Russian look tongiht and dress fashionably at the same time!

Speaking of dressing creatively and out-of-this-world, how could we forget the recent SS06 John Galliano show? Whereas usually we can only think the Galliano show as a theatrical show, you can take inspiration and make it your Halloween look.

Another example of the gothic look, only this one is more lady-like. Large shimmers around the eyes make it so much more eye-catching and glamourous.

Or you can have a traditional ethnic look with an artistic twist. If you're too lazy to think of a Halloween look, then simply play up your (or other) nationality's traditions. Remember to fix up your hair too!

If you're feeling very playful in a non-slutty way, get this very fashionable girly alien look. Compliment this look with a light dress or ballerina outfit. Who says you can't look pretty on Halloween?

So don't be afraid to play up your makeup tonight!