Now we can take cropped pants with us into fall. They have been given the makeover with heavy winter materials, darker shades and plaid patterns-perfect for fall. And the way to wear it? With boots of course. So essentially it would be as if you'd tucked your pants into your boots-minus the hassle of actually doing so!

And no one does it better than Daria in this Zara shoot. She looks absolutely amazing and casually chic.
Other options would be this one from Top Shop, which looks really similar to the one Daria's wearing, except with more subtle stripes.

But it is actually really hard to wear this cropped pants/boots combo properly. I saw this girl on the streets wearing it, and it just did not look right. I didn't take a picture, but her problem is very aptly displayed in the Urban Outfitters catalog above. Does this model look stumpy and short to anyone else?

So to clarify, this cropped pants/boots combo should only be done with fitted cropped pants and sleek heeled boots. It also helps if you are tall, but thats not an absolute requirement. So please stop wearing gauchos with boots. But if you must, wear something fitted on top to balance it out.