LOL an alliteration. And yes I know. Cardigans are usually a tad old for us. But looking around and seeing girls looking so cozy, cute and effortlessly casual in their chunky cardigans, has made me think that maybe with the right combination, its not so bad after all! So here are some of my inspirations on how to wear a cardigan in a more fashionable and young way.

A sure way to avoid looking old is to get a cardigan that is way off the norm that it can barely be called a cardigan. Like this one from Free People, with the random patch work, short length and floral trimming. Definitely not something you'd see grandma wearing. I also love how they matched it with a bright colorful but plain spaghetti strap here.

Taking this the other way around, you can match a plain chunky cardigan, like this one from Top Shop. . .

. . and match it with an interesting, printed/patterned/striped colorful spaghetti strap.

Same idea here with this short sleeved cardigan over a printed long sleeved tee from Urban Outfitters by Lux. The layering of a chunky cardigan over a thin tee is just right and not too messy. Although I must say, I'm not very fond of this xmas color scheme at all.

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But my favourite cardigan look is this one from Free People. Actually I'm not even sure if it can be termed as a cardigan, but it IS chunky, cute and cozy right? I just LOVE how they matched this outfit. I saw a designer do it this summer at work, and I thought, "wow, who would've thought a dress shirt and a cardigan would go so well?"

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Then there are the more conventional long cardigans, like this one from Anthropoligie. Worn simply like this in a contrast with the simple tee inside, it just soo effortlessly casual. But again, maybe not red and green unless its xmas. Black and magenta? Dark purple and forrest green?

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Grey and gold? Grey and red? (this one is from Abercrombie)

Then there is the traditional cream cable cardigan. This look, over a denim blazer and shirt, is so country American, that it can only be from Ralph Lauren, Polo Sport.

Of course, a splash of funky, dangly accessories (this one from UO) always helps to give a touch of style to an outfit!

So go out and have fun with cardigans! Fall is the perfect weather to wear it, don't wait until its too cold!