Most people who read fashion magazines or gossip pages would only notice and read about models who have reached the celeb or 'supermodel' status, such as Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss and Carmen Kass. (BTW, you know the model has made it if she reaches a single name status, such as Gisele.)

So while argueably, supermodels don't exist anymore, at least not as strongly as they did in the 80s, once in every few years, there is always one or two certain models who are obviously successful and memorable. In the late 90s/ early 00s, there was Gisele, (who of course was made extra famous because of her boyfriend, Leonardo Dicaprio.) Now in the mid-2000, we have Daria Werbowy.

So who is Daria? You most definitely have seen her around. A lot. But you might just not recognise her, or even realise that so many ads feature the same model. Daria who is a Canadian (originally Ukrainian,) shot to high-in-demand-status after she was discovered and featured in the Prada F/W03 campaign (see above picture.) Since then, and especially this year, she has been featured in A LOT of big campaigns, from high street brands such as Zara to high-end brands such as Gucci and David Yurman.

I think the biggest reason for her success (other than her stunning looks of course,) is that her look is so versatile. In the Gucci ads, she looked dark and sexy (see above.) In the Prada perfume ad, which EVERYBODY should have seen before, she looked soft and feminine, (see above again.) In the Misonni ad last season, she was featured with blond hair and did NOT look weird at all.

Here are a couple of recent campaigns you might have seen her in:

Chanel S/S05

Zara F/W05

Gloria Vanderbilt, (left to right:) Gisele, Kate, Daria
And most recently, Daria is featured in the new Lancome Hynose perfume ad:
The first time I saw this ad was in last week's Times magazine Style & Design issue. My first impression was, oh my gosh, she looks so stunning, and fitting with the perfume's name, Hypnose. Doesn't she look so amazing? This is one of my favourite ads of hers.
Unfortunately, it seems like she's taking a break from catwalk and all, but let's hope she comes back soon!