Phew! Today's been a long day. After I did an awful presentation for my Employment Relations class, I had to help out at the signup stall of a society I am a committee member of. So while I was sitting there getting really bored because nobody was signing up, I was thinking about what to blog about today. Then it hit me: school bags and statistics!

Don't freak out. It's more serious than our typical post, but hey, do YOU ever notice what bags people at your campus or your workplace carry? I reckon that bags used in university are pretty similar to the ones used in offices because they serve a similar purpose: to carry paper around.

Back to the point, I was sitting on the main 'street' of my school campus and did a little survey. Basically I counted how many bags of a particular brand walked past the signup stall from 1:45pm to 2:15pm, which is the end of lunch hours. Just some extra information: I go to a London university which has a tiny campus and a high international ratio. Here are the results:

  1. 67 Guccis -THE most popular bag at my uni. Gucci has a large variety of monogram totes and large bags which are stylish and strong enough to put all the books in.

  2. 58 Longchamp -Loads of girls carry Longchamps. I personally don't like them but I can understand that they are practical and are available in many colours.

  3. 6 Louis Vuittons -Quite a few people, male and female carry Vuittons. The most popular one is the messenger bag. But only a few people managed to carry it in style!
  4. 3 Pradas and 3 Burberries -The Pradas are usually carried around by seriously stylish people. When I say Prada, there were both the classical nylon bags and the beautiful leather ones. Just to make this a fair survey, I must note that Pradas are usually harder to spot because Prada is just subtly stylish that way, so I may have missed a few. And well, Burberries are always a favourite among students.
  5. 1 Dior -There was this girl carrying around a Dior saddle bag on her shoulders and her books in her hand. So impractical!

Another reason I did this survey is because I'm thinking of buying a new school bag myself. Now I have a slightly better idea of what I want. Tell us what school bags the students at your school uses! I'd love to know!