Now that we're in mid-autumn, it's the perfect time to wear blouses. When you see someone wearing blouses, it usually leaves you one of these two impressions: old fashioned or/ and tacky, OR stylish and proper. You obviously don't want to look old-fashioned or tacky, so how do you achieve the latter?

Once again, we take inspiration from the well-dressed Rory (Gilmore Girls.) Here, she wears a multi-coloured Marc by Marc Jacobs blouse with a simple black sweater over it. The simple black sweater is essential because without it, the blouse would be seriously bright and border the kind-of-tacky-line.

Here are some blouses I liked:
Cacharel Floral Print Gypsy Blouse -This is my favourite blouse from my selection. Go check out other choices from Cacharel -they're sooo pretty!

Diesel Acchi Shirt -A touch of Indian influence.

Gap Ruffled Button Shirt -Excellent choice for people who like simple, subtle prints. Not to mention that it's affordable!

L.A.M.B. Secretary Blouse Gothic Print -Another seriously stylish blouse. Even though it's supposedly has gothic prints, I think it's 'feel' depends on what you match it with.

Paul & Joe Lily Western Detail Shirt -Another v pretty shirt. This is one of those shirts that you should wear a sweater over. Otherwise, you'll be seriously pink
Wearing blouses are great for daywear, whether to go to work/ school or out for a nice lunch. Just don't wear them to super casual events or clubs!