It seems the trend in the fashion industry today is to join fashion with charity. The Ralph Lauren Pink Pony collection for the Pink Pony Fund for Cancer Care, is an excellent example of that. The latest brand name to join their leagues is Lacoste in collaboration with Barneys for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatrics AIDS Foundation. The way I see it, they are targetting two markets. The super-rich market and the not-so-rich market.
For the super rich market, the genius' from the Lacoste/Barneys marketing team came up with the one of a kind celebrity made polo to be bidded on "One of a kind celebrity" being the 5 magic words. Like this one where Teri Hatcher draws a beach scene on a plain white polo top-fetching for (at the moment) $301!

But thats not all. The bidding price for this white polo with crystal button, by the designers behind the brand Chrome Hearts, is a whooping $800!!

As for the not so rich consumers, they came up with the limited edition black golden alligator polo. And for "limited edition" and "golden alligator" they raised the price of the average Lacoste polo from $72 to $150! And from the fact that I cannot find any pictures or information of it anymore (they officially came out this Thursday) I reckon they're already sold out! I commend the marketing team of this campaign.