YES! Just what we needed to brighten our day. Another chick flick! My first impression of the movie was. .what gorgeous shoes!

And indeed, Rose the older sister in the movie had quite a collection of beautiful shoes that her sister, Maggie, loves to borrow. Rose was understandably outraged when she found the heels of her Jimmy Choo's broken and stuck together with a piece of gum!

But the movie was not just all about shoes, fun and love (although this being a chick flick there was of course its share of true love and happily ever afters). It had suprising depth. They all did some soul searching, found out who they were, patched up their relationship with their long lost grandmother and came a full circle to admitting their love for each other (o dear, its so hard to tell u why its so good without spoiling it!).

The deep bond between the characters were all just really touching. Not quite the "tear jerker" the lady next to us claimed it was, but it was definitely more than what one would expect from your typical chick flick.