Oh my gosh, I FINALLY have internet connection!! Ahh, so happy! So during my no-internet weekend two weeks ago, I went to Paris with my family. We didn't get the hotel we wanted because everyone was there for the fashion week and we booked late, but we did manage to get a high-starred hotel near the shopping district at the end.

I must say that the area where we stayed and the main shopping area is dirty and crowded. And by this, I'm talking about where all the high-end stores are. I suppose the outer areas (ie. non-shopping areas) were less cramped but those were much less glamourous. Like I said to my mum, I don't see what's so supposedly romantic about Paris. The taxi drivers are rude and hotels, despite being multi-starred are just not as pleasant as hotels in Asia. Moulin Rouge is tiny, and Mona Lisa is even tinier.

However, it did open my eyes. I haven't seen so much Chloe merchandises in a store before -the store even had Paddingtons for sell! My mum decided that since Chloe stuff were cheaper in Paris than any other countries (believe me, we've compared the price to the UK, US and HK,) she bought a brown Paddington. The shoppers were actually buying the clothes in Chloe! I'm v impressed since I hardly see anyone actually purchase clothes from Chloe.

I didn't like the Hermes store though -too crowded and too many old people. There was even a guy walking around with his dog in the store, like why would you take your dog shopping with you? You can totally see the clientele difference between Chloe (where female shoppers pay for their own things,) and Hermes (where old males pay for boringly dressed females.)

This street is where loads of other high-end stores are located, and I have never felt so awed by the many fabulously-dressed people all in one small location. Everyone, whether they were tourists or locals were draped in leather and furs of the latest style and sporting lots of 'it' bags.

Sadly we didn't manage to get into the huge Vuitton store because they were preparing it for the aftershow party but we settled for a smaller store nearby where my mum and I both managed to buy a lovely Vuitton bag each.

My mum bought this monogram vernis houstan bag. It's perfect for a classy shopping trip.
I bought this monogram vernis pouch in perle. I'm planning to use it for nights out. The color makes it so easy to match with outfits, although Barneys Girl warned me that the bag may dirty easily.

Ooh, we found this shop that sells prints of memorable images. Inspired by watching Audry Hepburn movies during the summer, I bought a large b&w photo of Audrey in huge shades looking into the Tiffanys windows. I figured after I get it framed, it will be good decoration when I get rich and move out in the future. So ya, that was Paris.