So after another very stressing week, we decided to treat ourselves to tea at the Peninsula. And this time we chose the Peninsula because on the site it said, " variety of luxury boutiques and retailers present an informal fashion show during Fashion Friday Afternoon Tea at The Peninsula Chicago," how cool is that?
So very excitedly, we booked a table and got all dressed up arriving only 30 minutes late (we got lost, the roads of Chicago are very hard to navigate and mapquest just does not work!). So we sat down and ordered a club sandwich (seen below), scones and of course, tea. We decided against the lovely 3 layer tea set because we were not very fond of pumpkin that and something else, which for the life of me I cannot remember the name of now.The food was ok. Settling down, we wondered, where was the runway for this informal fashion show? Did the website lie?? Because we don't see any fashion show anywhere. Then these two tall ladies dressed in very colorful stripey stockings (it turns out to be from Wolfords) came by handed us a catalog and explained that what they were wearing was from Wolfords and how the shirt sleeve was reversable blah blah blah. They went back somewhere and changed into other outfits (one was a skirt that rolls up into a strapless dress and rolls down to be a pencil skirt which was really cool) came out and toured the tables again. And THAT ladies and gentlemen, is apparently what they call a "informal fashion show." Suffice to say, we were quite disappointed. They should've said, "representatives from luxury boutiques and retailers will be coming in to annoy patrons every friday afternoon tea at the Peninsula Chicago."