The studds are not limited to the denim either. They are also quite prominent on bags this season too. The studds add a much edgier look to the otherwise pretty bland leather bags.

I mean, wouldn't this Be & D bag look so boring without those gold studds?

They are simply just the perfect detail for this Gucci bag.

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Studds here add dimension to this Gillian Julius Moroccan Bag from

And I absolutely LOVE the studds on this bag. Instead of using it as a vehicle to give edge, Miu Miu has cleverly used studds to create a gorgeous embroidered effect that is simply exquisite. I WANT this bag!

And THIS, now THIS Moschino bag is the perfect bag for fall. This is large enough to fit the shopping essentials, I LOVE the shape and the irregular shaped studds are just SO adorable!!!

Sigh, I'm loving the role studds are taking for the last two bags. It is so edgy yet so feminine.