During the weekend, Barneys Girl and I flew back to Chicago and London respectively for a new school term, (sigh, where did the summer holidays go?) So before I left, I spent some quality mother-daughter bonding time with my mother doing well, obviously shopping. It's fun to shop in nice stores knowing that at least one of you can afford the things.

So off we went to the wonderful fashion department stores of Hong Kong. First we hit Lane Crawford, where we were lured towards the Chloe section, and I was even more amazed that they had one Chloe Paddington left! After explaining it is more rare to see Paddingtons available in shops than to seeing rabbits hopping along the road, my mum was very impressed and tried the bag. Unfortunately, neither her nor I anticipated how heavy Paddingtons really were! So being sensible people that we are, we decided to purchase a Chloe Silverado instead (we bought a red one):

Then, we hit Miu Miu, where my mum was thinking of buying an Hermes-lookalike. But I adviced against it, and we spotted a similar bag as shown below. I love how it looks so classy and classical in the sense that it would not go out of style unless neon-colored bags were suddenly 'in'. The one we bought is sort of a tube shape.
Afterwards, we went to Joyce, where my mum bought a Marni coat that she has been eyeing for awhile. It is the same as the one shown below except the one she bought is dark grey and light grey with a tint of silver.
I absolutely LOVE that coat -it is so easy to wear and match with clothes. I can't wait to borrow it this winter!