On our last shopping trip before we head back to our respective colleges, Harrods Girl and I went to a Facial/Spa Salon to look at Dermalogica, the skin care brand that sells exclusively at skincare salons such as the one we went to. There, we filled in a survey and had a free skin care consultation, which included a free face scan. The face scanner basically looks at your skin under ultra violet light. And it gives a very accurate picture of what your skin condition is really like. It is able to to reveal pigmentation, dehydration, sensitivity, sun damage, congestion and dead skin cells.

Basically, you just stick your head under the clothe and into the box. Inside there is a mirror for you to see your own reflection under ultra violet light and a hole opposite so the expert can take a look as well and explain what everything means. If you have near perfect skin, I am assuming that you would look like this lady below.
But in reality it is not such a pretty experience. We are no expert, but from our combined experience, we do know that patches of purple means dry skin and white means dead skin (not make-up, this machine goes beyond the surface of the skin, so one doesn't need to remove make-up to have a face scan-super convenient!).

Anyways, even though it wasn't a very pleasent experience (reality often isn't), we highly recommend a face scan, because it really reveals all the problem areas of the skin one has neglected or was unaware of. Better late then never right?