Today has been a terrible day -my laptop broke down just two days before I have to fly back to London! The horror I felt when I realised my hard drive could not be saved. I am still panicking about all my lost data. I am now using my mum's laptop to blog -thank goodness for wireless broadband at home!

Anyways, it seems like ornated jeans are really 'the' denim to have this season. Apart from
embroidered jeans, studded jeans are also prominent. 7 For All Mankind, which stuck Swarovski crystals to its jeans' pockets in the past seasons has now launched a wide range of jeans featuring studded pockets (and other parts of jeans.) And of course, we all know that studded things are just so fashionable this season, such as studded shoes and bags at Miu Miu, Prada......

Studded A-Pocket Jeans -They look just as classical as the original A-Pockets, but I just think such classicals are meant to remain original, ie. unstudded.

Studded Jeans -I LOVE this pocket design! The studs really bring out the design. Maybe I just like it because it's symmetrical. (I have a thing for symmetry.)

NY Studded Jeans -Err... are those studs meant to represent a sun? Or is it simply a random blob on top of the classical Sevens swiggly line?

'Havana' Studded Flare Jeans -I was absolutely shocked when I saw the price: $695! I mean, I do see all the craftmanship that must have been involved to stick so many pieces of studs on, but seriously, when has the craze for lux denim gone so high that Sevens can actual demand that much? And strangely enough, I found this pair at the Nordstrom website instead of the upper-end department stores. I don't know whether to love or hate these jeans...